Saturday, May 23, 2009

Eyelets, brads, paper and butterflies!

Will get at the punches soon but now here are some eyelets, brads, my last 2 packs of paper, and butterfly pins. S/h is extra on all items. 

The butterfly pins are over 1-1/2" across at widest part, and 11/2" tall.  There are (top row) 4 rainbows; (middle) 4 reds, 2 fall colors; (bottom row) 4 rainbows with purple/blue, and 2 with blue/green. $1.50 each.

The last 2 packs of paper from lasting impressions, 15 sheets each, a2 card size. one is collection papers (pink pack) it has 3 sheets each of 5 diff patterns in pink; other is chunky in a tangerine color, 5 each of 3 patterns, were $3.99, now 40% off at $2.40 a pack.  I have 1 of each pack, thats it!

Brads: the brads match bazzill papers.  (brads and eyelets are $1.19 per pack)
*Squares in  hershey color, approx 36 in a pack, I have 4 packs of the brown/hershey.
*Rainbow rounds, approx 48 per pack, I have 10 packs rainbow.

*Neutral rounds, approx 48 per pack, I have 9 packs neutrals.
*Preppie rounds, "  ", I have 3 packs preppie.

*Yellow flower brads, approx 48 pieces per pack, I have 4 packs yellow.
*Groovy flowers EYELETS, approx 20 per pack, I have 8 packs groovy flowers; they are eyelets.
*Purple flower brads, approx 48 pieces per pack, I have 4 packs purple.

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Audrey said...

Let me figue out what I can talk Al into letting me buy. I really would like a scallop ppunch (if you have one) and the brads I use all the time on cards.
Talk toyou soon.
Love ya