Sunday, June 14, 2009

Friday, June 5, 2009

Group D of the punches!

Group D here of my punches:
top row: maple corner; star corner; tree corner; 
bottom row: wavy at far left bottom; heart corner; star corner (same as one on top row) and another but diff wavy border. $5.00 each plus s/h.
please describe them as I have, and if I'm not sure I'll email you about it.
Please email to purchase as I may not remember to check comments here and don't want to miss you if you want some :)
only one more set coming, all same size big circles gotta measure them yet!!

Group C of the punches!

Here is group C of the punches of mine:
Top pic is another misc group of punches: maple leaf; butterfly in circle; circle 1"; heart in circle; apple in circle; tooth; tree in circle. $5.00 each plus s/h

Bottom pic is holiday punches: yellow pumpkin; green ghost; and 3 diff ornaments (one with holly, round and teardrop) $5.00 each plus s/h.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More punches!!!

 Here are more punches for sale from my stash!

This is group B:

Pic #1 (top pic) 2 small tree punches from Emaginations (red); spiral sun from Carl (blue); lips and heart from Emaginations (red); double punch bday cake and balloon unknown source, pink. These 6 punches are $4.00 each plus s/h.

Pic #2: rounded corner with notches (green); heart corner (red); snowflake corner (pink); founded corner with waves (yellow) no company listed. These 4 are $5.00 each plus s/h.

Pic #3: purple rounded corner; green holly rounded corner; purple double cut corner; yellow zig zag corner; yellow rounded snowflake corner. These four are $5.00 each plus s/h.

Pic #4: all from Emaginations, scallopy pointy corner; 2 the same corner rounded; scallopy corner rounded; decorative corner (sorry i dont know the names of them, please describe as best you can so I get you the right ones). These 5 are $5.00 each plus s/h.

Email me to have them put aside for you! Thanks!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Laurel's personal punches (finally!)

Finally they are here :) the punches I have of my own, that are duplicates or ones I won't be using. 
there will be several posts as its a pain to move the pics around.

THIS IS GROUP A (please refer to groups so I can make sure you are getting the ones you want)

top pic shows: a McGill long reach punch swirl (purple); a corner rounder (red); a balloon thumb punch (blue); a pair of feet thumb punch (pink); and a 2 piece set of Fiskars cat and star punch (this 2 piece set is $6.00), the other four are $3.00 each plus s/h.

bottom pic shows: 2 border punches, PENDING SALE :) red one is Emaginations; purple is from McGill. $3.00 each plus s/h.

Email me please to purchase, don't post here in comments if you want to buy. I don't want to miss your wanting to buy some :)

Pony Jars on sale

Pony jars, 3 for $1.00 (plus s/h, and tax if you live in my state :) They are approx 2-1/2" in diameter, and almost 1" tall. They are not on our web page at this time. Must buy in increments of three. Email me to order. 

I would bet these are the exact same thing as in a popular stamp company who does home parties catalog; I buy mine from directly from the manufacturer of the pony jars.

Here are a couple pix of them so you can see what they are. We have sold thousands of these at stamp shows over the years.