Monday, July 28, 2008

One Stamp Challenge card!

Jeanette sent me this card for the one stamp challenge, thanks Jeanette!

She says " I love the circle of flowers. I stamped it twice with black and clear embossing powder on the white card. Once again on a piece  of white cardstock which is layered onto the card. I colored the floral design with a damp brush using markers. I accented the grouping with black ink lines. What fun!" Jeanette

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Eyes Have It!

The brown card with eyes and dragonfly is a lovely card by Jeanette!

You can go here to see our gallery of cards where this and many others are explained and there are links to the main web page for the stamp's specific pages where you can order the stamps used.

Eyes can be seen here; our outline dragonfly is here. The background stamp is not one of ours. Sequins embellish the card--great job Jeanette!

Striped feather and eyes card is one that we have had up in our booth at conven
tions for many years; unfortunately I'm not sure who stamped the card.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Leafing pens $4.00 each till gone!

Krylon Leafing Pens in copper, silver and pale gold: Leafing Pens on sale for $4.00 each until stock runs out (quantity in stock listed on the web page). These sell for as much as $6.95 so gobble these up! Sale on web page only, not good in our store in New Holstein.
(color shown in pic has sold out)


Now until Aug. 4th our $2.00 regular priced glitter glue is only $1.59 per bottle while supplies last. Go here to see all the colors we have. This sale is not good in our store but only online. I won't be reordering if a color has sold out. If what you choose is no longer available, I will let you know and you can pick another color. I'll do my best to keep the color list updated :)

New Housecleaning stamps on sale for a month

Until Aug 24th, there is a new bunch of Housecleaning stamps on the web page. These stamps are available unmounted only for 1/2 price. Great deals as low as 88¢ - go check em out!
This time it is borders and backgrounds. I will be adding some pics of cards made with these stamps as I find them hanging in the store's card lines. Some of the borders are long but could easily be cut apart to give half as a gift to a stamping friend!

The card at right uses the wavy dot border
from the middle of the card to the bottom in various shades of color. The main image is Jesus walking on water; a 2 piece stamp set.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A blog challenge--just one stamp

Can you make a card using just one stamp for the main image, the same stamp for background and any layers?

Pick any stamp you own (CowTown or other company) and create a card that has a main image and background and maybe a layer. Email me a copy of that card and I'll post it on here. 

Can you do it? I'm off to find one stamp to use and make a card to show ya what I'm talking about :)

This one is more of what I was hoping for. You can see the background is used with the same mini bandage stamp. I used a golden layer instead of the 2 shown above with the materials.

Look! Laurel has made a card LOL

Yup I made a bunch of them. Used my cuttlebug and did thank you cards for our anniversary party. I did try to rub pastels on them but didn't like how they looked so I left em plain on the front.  I wrote a personal message on the inside, and you can see an atc size pic of us after the vow renewal was inside each card. 

Sunday, July 20, 2008

And the winner of our first blog candy is...

Thank you to all who joined in the drawing for our first blog candy.

The randomizer has spoken and the winner is...Rita L. from da Up!

Congratulations Rita! A package with some free unmounteds will be on the way this week to you.

25th Anniversary Party

Oh we had such fun at our 25th anniversary party yesterday! We had about 50 people at the house during the day and tons of food and lots of fun. 

Mark and I renewed our vows and both
 got a bit teary-eyed. After pastor said this concludes the renewal, Mark turns to him and says, "what about the part where I kiss the bride?" As you can see we both got into it :)

It was a wonderful day, lots of our friends and family --we are truly blessed and very thankful for the many blessings in our lives.

If you would like to see all the pictures of the anniversary celebration, click here.

An Awesome card!

My customer Rita from da Up sent me this card using our pearl butterfly. She stamped the image on copier transparency, then used 3-d glaze jelly pens to color, letting each color dry after applying. The white background is done with a cuttlebug and a nestie helped her cut the hole. Vellum tape helped adhere the transparency in the front of the card and beautiful faux stained glass! Thanks Rita for sharing this lovely creation.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Blog Candy drawing on Sunday

Happy Friday! I'm gonna do the drawing for the blog candy on Sunday (the 20th), that'll give folks a couple more days to sign up. Why not tell yer friends about it? Get them here to visit the new blog and work out a deal that if one of you win, you can share the stamps?

Next week is our 25th wedding anniversary and tomorrow we're having a party. So I am closing early today and not open tomorrow. I have 7 more desserts to make! Should be fun, my friend/maid of honor Maureen is coming this afternoon and we'll cook and bake up a storm. Hoping the weather cooperates tomorrow.  Will try to post some photos next week.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ooh the garden is growing!

I'm so excited how my garden is growing! 
am trying to add pictures so you can see the lovely flowers.

at left I have added my picture trail to the links list. You can see more of the garden there, and my weight loss journey photos, pictures of the dogs, and lots more things!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Wednesday!

Hi All! 
We have 8 people signed up for the blog candy so far, room for 12 more!

Just had an idea for a card contest: I have a small section on the web page of Alaska Mission For Christ stamps and don't have any cards of these stamps...yet. The stamps when sold, have a portion of their purchase price donated to the Alaska Mission for Christ (one of the missions that our Women in Mission group at our church was donating to last year). So far I've only got $6 to go to them but I know every bit helps the mission work being done way up there in Alaska. 

Stay tuned for details, but I will be using these 5 bear stamps in that section for a contest where you will get the unmounted stamp (or 2) and need to make 2 completely different cards with each stamp, and need to use a bible verse on the card's front. The bible verse can be printed off your computer or hand written. The only stamp you'll be able to use is the one I give you of one of the bears. No other stamps can be used, but there are tons of accessories and stamping techniques that could be used--let your imagination run wild with this contest!

Don't email yet to sign up for the contest, I still need to work out more details. I do charge to join a contest, but only ask for $1.00 in cash to be sent to join. This helps defray costs of postage to send you the stamp(s). I found that folks who paid that tiny amount were less likely to flake in a contest. You get to keep the stamp(s), you mail me the cards, and I have folks judge them online and vote for their favorites. I never vote cuz I would have such a hard time as I love all the cards sent in and in case of a tie I can use a randomizer or grab someone off the street to pick :)

We both win from a contest, you get free stamps, I get awesome cards I can share with others to inspire them, and I will make a donation to the Alaska Mission for Christ for every card received in the contest. 

Check back for sign up info and other details. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to our blog! Hopefully it will be a fun place with links to the web page, cards and card gallery and to share some fun info. 

I'm gonna do some blog candy right off the bat. The first 20 people to email me will have their names put in a ramdomizer and the one picked will get some free unmounted stamps!

If you can't leave a message here, just email me at either email, one is at the top of the page the gmail addy, the other is at the bottom of this post.

Donna who posted, please drop me an email. You are on the list here but I'll need your email addys please. Many thanks!

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