Monday, April 27, 2009

Mom Louise is in Heaven!

My Mom, Louise passed away Sunday early in the morning. She was 88 and living here in our town at a nursing home. She took a turn for the worse friday morning, and is now at eternal peace and reunited with my Dad who died about 13 years ago. Daughter Krystina and I were visiting with her Friday nite and dd took this picture of me and Mom holding hands. I am going to collage this photo with others and have Mark help me to make an enlarged area for our family photos and keepsakes. I am comforted by my faith that someday I will see her again, and Dad and what a joyous reunion that will be!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

New cards from Jeanette

Here are the newest cards from Jeanette (see her blog here). Our Ume blossom is getting a work out, both as an inchie and as a background. And some of our new doxie stamps for the Florida rescue are together on a layout as doxies on vacation (doxie watching dolphins; doxie snorkeling; and doxachino). Our wheelbarrow is shown on a card with flower background paper. Thanks Jeanette!

Vicki's latest cards

The latest dirt and our shovel stamps and a lovely yellow sheer ribbon make this card in tan and browns great to receive anytime. One of our new Florida doxie stamps, a doxie in an orange crate is a fun card by Vicki (see her blog here). She also popped out part of the card; in the other pic you can see the dimension with the layers popped.

Denise's newest cards

Here is our Muffin Man, tongue hanging out as usual, in a rubber stamp! He is chasing a butterfly on this card from Denise (see her blog here). And another first walk card, the background that is stamped in pink ink, shows a stamp of the stipple baby's footprint from our friend Amy of AJ's Country Stampn's--be sure check out Amy's new blog too!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Laurel's recent cards

I've been working on my swaps and here are a couple I have done for the winged things swap on SCS. 

The Just bee cuz is a 3x3 or trinchie and the large bee I have had for years and have no clue who it is from; the words, bug trail and 2 tiny bees are CowTown Stamps; the honeycomb is from Starving Artistamps, it's just 3 combs that you can stamp over and over to make your own background. I now have 3 diff honeycombs, can you tell I'm in a bug mood LOL.
The buzzing by to say hi words are ours, the front facing bee at top I think is from Rubber Stamps of America; that honeycomb is from Viva Lasvegastamps.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Floral Thank You card

Here is a floral thank you card by Denise (see her blog here). She used two of our stamps, the script Thank You and our small sunflower. Nice work Denise!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dogs, bunnys, flowers and more cards!

Love that dog card is by our designer Denise (see her blog here). It uses one of our images, the wanna play lab puppy image. Lots of fun dog papers, cricut cuts and more make this an awesome card!
Denise also did the pretty in pinks card using our bouquet of flowers and vase stamps, ribbon and background papers. 

More Cards by our Design Team!

These cards are by Denise (see her blog here). She used foil that she cuttlebugged, a layer of our lemon angelina fibers and our flowers in a cup stamp. The glitter bunny used 5 colors of glitter with our bunny in the flowers stamp. Our Japanese rose stamp looks awesome in black and white doncha think?

Stamped Smiles: 2 BLOG CANDY OFFERS - 2 WINNERS!!

Stamped Smiles: 2 BLOG CANDY OFFERS - 2 WINNERS!!

Sheryl's Crafting Corner: BLOG candy

Sheryl's Crafting Corner: BLOG candy

Folks with blog candy

Jill is giving some blog candy, check it out here!

and Sheryl's link is above!


Friday, April 10, 2009

Pom Pon's are not just for adding color!

Our designer Denise (see her blog here) sent me this fun card using pom pons with our dancing bunny stamp. She used the cuttlebug on the blue background. Denise has some fun challenges on her blog and this was one she used for her surprise challenge. Love the heart button on the girl bunny's dress!

New Cards by Vicki

Vicki, one of our designers, had these on her blog when I was checking out the new posts on the blogs I follow. She sent them to me this morning, enjoy! (see Vicki's blog here). The top card shows our pearl butterfly. Next is our wheelbarrow, decorated with flower soft. (I had to email Vicki and ask what that is as I had heard of it but didn't see it till now--yes, sometimes I live in a cave LOL). The last card shows our hummingbird with petunia. Thanks Vicki for the inspiring cards!

New Cards by Jeanette

Here are some cards that Jeanette just sent me (see her blog here). The top card is done on a veneer postcard using our dancing bunnies. Love the look on the veneer! Next is our calligraphy bunny and Jeanette said the lines are her doodling! Love the yellow paper roses! A nice un-busy card that shows us that an un-busy card can make a wonderful statement! Our dutch bunny over brown ribbon is the next card. I like ribbon and am learning many ways to use it from our design team. The bottom card is our kit and kaboodle (the name just came to me way back when I got the design) layered over sports paper. Thanks Jeanette for the inspiring cards! (Jeanette is slowly twisting my arm to start doing inchies--check out her blog for some neat ideas that are only an inch by an inch, including one of our cat stamps!)

Life's a beach card we made

Here is a card that I made for dd to give to a friend going to mexico on a trip. Its from the Cricut Life's a Beach cartridge, using the square card and flip flops. we cut out extra smaller flips to accent; the stamps are clear stamps I had. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Blog Candy winner!!!!

Brooke was our latest blog candy winner picked by the randomizer!!!
I've got an email going to her for her addy.
Thanks to all the folks who posted comments :)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Paint can wrapping tutorial

Here goes!

•2 pieces of the same patterned paper, 8-1/2 x 11
•1 piece of coordinating paper, 8-1/2 x 11, could be pattern or solid
•paper cutter

Step 1:
I used 2 diff pattern papers, one had brown checks the other brown with tiny speckles.

You will end up with 4 pieces that you tape to the can, and
 some left overs; the 2 smallest pieces we do use so don't toss em!

cut 2 that are 5-1/2" x 11" using the 2 sheets of paper
cut 2 that are 9-1/2" x 2" from the single sheet of paper

Below i have taped the first piece onto the can. I used 4 long s
trips of the red liner tape going the long way on the paper, and lined it up with the bottom edge of the can. 


Step 2:

Take the long skinny strips that are cut from the single piece of paper. Apply the red liner tape, I did 2 strips going the long way. I lined it up at the top of the can, just under the rim. and it touched the bottom paper, but a ribbon will cover that seam. These skinny strips do not touch on the sides. we fix that in the next step.

Step 3:

There will be a gap above the handle metal thingy once you add the other top piece. Using the 2 small scraps left over from the single sheet of paper, lay 1 over the gap as shown in the pic below. I marked with pencil where to cut so it would fit, marking on
 the back of the paper (if its white backed). You can see the cut piece, the scrap after cutting it out and where I marked with the pencil.


Step 4:

Using the red liner tape, apply it from the edge of the handle metal thingy (it must have a real name!) across the seam line to the other side of the handle thingy. Peel off the red liner and press your ribbon on. The pic shows where the ribbon starts and it partially attached.


Step 5:

I took some flowers that I got that were layered and put them thru the handle's wire. Then put the handle into the handle hole. I did not glue down the flowers, as the handle needs to move and that would be a problem if they were glued. My next step is 
to stamp some things and attach them to the can, I can cover the seams better this way if I wish and to add ribbon on the handle. Not sure of the length, I'm thinking 4"?? If someone knows please post a comment and I'll add that measurement.

Our Shepherd

Jesus, our Shepherd is another one of our new stamps. I colored this in with colored pencils. 

Fishing doxie!

Do doxies fish? Sure why not? Here's a card I just made with our new fishing doxie stamp and look! He has caught our bass fish! The birthday words "fishing for the right words..." are layered over a cuttlebug'd purple piece of cardstock. I used colored pencils on this card.

Flamingo time

I love the new doxie on a flamingo which I'm calling doxie riding a flamingo. I stamped it in black ink on the pink paper, and our eyelet flamingo in pink ink on pink paper, a wee bit difficult to see but I didn't want it 'competing' with the doxie :) Our doxie on the beach pawprint stamp, which could make a fun background like shown here or a border is done in a different pink ink on the background. A two-tone pink ribbon was added for accent. One pic is a close up so you can see more of the eyelet flamingo.

Look what I just made :)

Here is one of our new Florida doxie stamps (a portion of their sale goes to the Dachshund Rescue of South Florida) stamped over a background of our carved orange slice, and I added a piece of ombre orange/yellow ribbon, and here is Orange the doxie. 

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The new stamps are here!!!!!

Oh ya the new Florida doxie stamps are in and a couple religious stamps and my friend Audrey's dog Dixie. Here is a sneak peek!

Muffin Man, our almost 14 yr old longhair doxie, with his tongue out chasing a butterfly (or just sticking his tongue out at it).  

Stamp sizes are on the web page, they look huge here!

Skinny bunny?

Where is that bunny hiding?
Audrey (see her blog here) has that bunny hiding and just his ears are showing! That's our versatile bunny ears stamp on the small egg birdhouse, surrounded by our carved egg and the first walk chick marching thru the garden. Fun card Audrey!

Fern and bunnies

Vicki of our design team (see her blog here) sent me these 3 cards of our bunnies and some flowers/garden stamps. 
First is our checkered bunny in pink. Lots of fun layers on this card! Next is our fern (a stamp from years ago) and the latest dirt stamp. Nestabilities were used on this card that would be great for a gardener. Our bunny in flowers looks great on the cuttlebug background of swiss dots. On the mulberry paper you can faintly see Ginger's small rose in the small size; I had to read the how to's Vicki sent to see that she used the rose stamp, it is subtle but very nice!

The Eggs have it!

Here are two cards by Jeanette (click here to see her blog). What a great idea to add the carved egg to a flower as petals! The chick coming out of the egg can be used as a baby card! 

Here comes peter cottontail...

Look at the cool bunny cards the designers have done! Dutch bunny on coral paper is by Jeanette (see her blog here).  The Easter Bunny Stops Here by Denise (see her blog here). Sentiment is by Paper Pizazz, but looks great with our hungry bunny