Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Laurel did a stamp demo at the doxie palooza...

and here is what I stamped :)
My friend Jean's Brewster stamped with green rainbow kaliedacolor pad, torn edges, brushed with the same greens, over a black background with our small paw print embossed in our Cow of Many Colors embossing powder, layered on a white card. 

Next is the Josie tattoo stamp (daughter Tina has this photo of Josie on her leg) on white paper, over a kaliedaocolor green brayered glossy paper, stamped with the small paw print in black dye ink.

The same Josie stamp done on white cardstock, stamped off (ink up, then stamp first time on scrap paper, and 2nd time on the card for a lighter image), and main image stamped with a kaliedacolor autumn color pad and the edge sponged with the same colors.

Finally a white glossy paper, brayered with the autumn colors of kaliedacolor, and our turkey doxie stamped with black dye ink on top.

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Anonymous said...

AWW!! These are so very sweet!! Love them all!! :)