Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Card Contest! Sign up now!

Here is how the contest will work: (note this is a religious card contest). For each stamp you receive (up to 2), you must make 2 totally different cards. You can only use the stamp I give you (unmounted rubber) and no other stamps. You can use any technique or accessory you wish. Full cards please, not just fronts. Envelopes not needed. Card size is up to you but no ATC's. You must use a bible verse on the card front, printed by hand or printed from computer, but not a stamp. 
Stamps can be seen here: Alaska Mission For Christ stamps
on the web page, and they are all shown here. (I have more drawings for this category but they are not in rubber yet and aren't part of the contest stamps.)  Suggestions for stamps for the mission are greatly appreciated, especially word/phrase stamps!
Cost to enter the contest is $1.00 if you want 1 stamp or $2.00 if you want 2 stamps. The stamps are then
 yours to keep, but you must snail mail me the cards, no emailing of cards. This low fee is to help with postage and weed out those who just want free stamps. I've done this in the past and had no problems. Th
e $1 or $2 must be snail mailed, no paypal or credit card. Cash hidden in a layer of paper works fine. 

Email me privately please to join up, don't post on here cuz I may not see it right away. Tell your stamping friends!

I will be donating $1.00 per card received to the Alaska Mission for Christ, and the winning card creator (chosen by a vote and not me, and a randomizer if there is a tie) will receive a $30 gift certificate good towards anything that I sell and have instock on my web page.

Holler if questions, email me privately please (cowtown@cowtownstamps.com) to join.

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to receive my images and make cards!! Thanks so much and I'm so glad you have e-mail updates now!! I've signed up! :)