Thursday, March 11, 2010

YUP, more stamps for just a buck!

I just finished the Animals section by sorting the overstocks and adding them to the dollar stamp section. There are a lot of animals LOL

You can go to the animals here or all the dollar clearance stamps here.

I am about to put the bottle caps on for half price, well sort of. You used to get 10 for 99¢, but now you will get 20 for 99¢ (please note I will not sort thru to get you non scratched bottle caps; they come in a huge bag and yes they scratch each other; you get what you get and now twice the quantity for the same low price of a penny below a dollar!)

** NOTE: this is for the physical bottle stamps NOT the rubber stamps that you can stamp, cut out and put IN the bottle caps. You will see that a few of the bottle cap stamps are marked down due to overstocks.

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