Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dollar* Sale on dry glitter, ink pads, reinkers, stamp cleaner.

Its no secret that we are selling our building, but CowTown Stamps is NOT going out of business however, in order to move, I gotta Moooo-ve out some product, I can't take it all with me. These are products that I will no longer be carrying after they are sold out.

Soooooo, a wee sale on ink pads, reinkers and dry glitter. *Some items are a buck, some are $2.00, Stazon ink pads are $3.00. I even put the Stazon cleaner at half price

Click here to see the ink pads and reinkers.
(a few shown are not part of the sale, I am clearing out what will not move with me, those full price will remain full price)

Click here to see the dry glitter for a buck a jar! 17 different colors of dry glitter.

When sold out, thats it, there ain't no more, I am NOT reordering the sale items.

Ya better moo-ve quick-like on these bargains! Our regular s/h applies to these items, order them on the web page. Pay with paypal or a cc.

Email with questions, but please do your ordering on the web page.

Don't forget the dollar unmounted section here! I have added a lot to it!


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