Tuesday, February 16, 2010


...late this spring/early summer we MIGHT have a sale at the store on things that are not on the web page. The physical store has been closed since Sept. of 2008 and if you see a for sale sign, don't panic, don't start spreading rumors, we may be selling the building and moving to a real house LOL. However if we sell and move before summer, there may not be a sale. We shall see :)

CowTown Stamps is not going out of biz, we are doing great online only, and our area there isn't a huge demand for a physical store. Besides, I'm in school full time with 6 classes!

So all you folks who are in Wisconsin and/or our area, you can go to the web page any time of the day or night, drop an email if you have questions and not worry about driving in the snow!

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