Monday, February 15, 2010

Cats sorted too, Lots of CATS in the $1.00 clearance!

Yup the cats followed the birds and there are a lot of cats now in the $1.00 unmounted section.
If you JUST ordered today and want to add to your order, give me a call on the toll free (866-STAMPS-5) and I can add to your order. Other previously placed orders cannot be added to, but hey don't forget I include FREE unmounteds (of my choice only) with every order! This helps offset the s/h cost but hey who doesn't like FREE STAMPS????? (ok once, just once in over 20 years of biz, did a woman say NO she did not want a free unmounted when I handed it to her at a stamp show--mebby she was having a bad day, but I bet everyone who is reading this would gladly take a freebie stamp when offered to them right?)

So go here to the $1.00 umounted section to see all the new cats added.

OR you could go here directly to the cats section to see all of our cats and pick some of the non-sale ones too, we have lots of fun cats!

AND!!! I did put some other stuff on the clearance item page here, check some of the prices of stuff im tired of looking at LOL (hint, some ink pads are a buck and I marked some of the clear sets down)

ATC shown above is by Jeanette of our design team (her blog here). The winged cat is ours (and its one of the dollar stamps, but not too many of them to go around!!) The hearts and music are not part of the cat stamp, Jeanette used those on her atc.

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