Friday, April 3, 2009

Paint can wrapping tutorial

Here goes!

•2 pieces of the same patterned paper, 8-1/2 x 11
•1 piece of coordinating paper, 8-1/2 x 11, could be pattern or solid
•paper cutter

Step 1:
I used 2 diff pattern papers, one had brown checks the other brown with tiny speckles.

You will end up with 4 pieces that you tape to the can, and
 some left overs; the 2 smallest pieces we do use so don't toss em!

cut 2 that are 5-1/2" x 11" using the 2 sheets of paper
cut 2 that are 9-1/2" x 2" from the single sheet of paper

Below i have taped the first piece onto the can. I used 4 long s
trips of the red liner tape going the long way on the paper, and lined it up with the bottom edge of the can. 


Step 2:

Take the long skinny strips that are cut from the single piece of paper. Apply the red liner tape, I did 2 strips going the long way. I lined it up at the top of the can, just under the rim. and it touched the bottom paper, but a ribbon will cover that seam. These skinny strips do not touch on the sides. we fix that in the next step.

Step 3:

There will be a gap above the handle metal thingy once you add the other top piece. Using the 2 small scraps left over from the single sheet of paper, lay 1 over the gap as shown in the pic below. I marked with pencil where to cut so it would fit, marking on
 the back of the paper (if its white backed). You can see the cut piece, the scrap after cutting it out and where I marked with the pencil.


Step 4:

Using the red liner tape, apply it from the edge of the handle metal thingy (it must have a real name!) across the seam line to the other side of the handle thingy. Peel off the red liner and press your ribbon on. The pic shows where the ribbon starts and it partially attached.


Step 5:

I took some flowers that I got that were layered and put them thru the handle's wire. Then put the handle into the handle hole. I did not glue down the flowers, as the handle needs to move and that would be a problem if they were glued. My next step is 
to stamp some things and attach them to the can, I can cover the seams better this way if I wish and to add ribbon on the handle. Not sure of the length, I'm thinking 4"?? If someone knows please post a comment and I'll add that measurement.


Jeanette said...


What a great tutorial. Very easy to follow. The flowers on the handle is such a clever trick. What do you keep in your pretty paint can?


Denise Clark said...

This is just too cute! What are you going to fill it with?

Laurel from CowTown Stamps said...

its for a 1:1 swap off the cricut message boards. this one is hte coffee exchange, im in another for out door "sports" and i picked gardening so my partner will do me a gardening can an she picked camping and im loading it with camping stuff. i have purchased some of the items to fill it already.
this can has a lot of goodies in it, i should pull them out and take a pic. i have coffee and gifts and some of our coffee stamps and other goodies.
when i get mine i'll display it somewhere in the house :)

Anonymous said...

Oh what a wonderful project Laurel!! You did such a fabulous job with the tutorial! And yes, the flowers on the handle is sooo clever!! Nicely put together!! Thanks for sharing this lovely project!! :)