Friday, April 10, 2009

New Cards by Jeanette

Here are some cards that Jeanette just sent me (see her blog here). The top card is done on a veneer postcard using our dancing bunnies. Love the look on the veneer! Next is our calligraphy bunny and Jeanette said the lines are her doodling! Love the yellow paper roses! A nice un-busy card that shows us that an un-busy card can make a wonderful statement! Our dutch bunny over brown ribbon is the next card. I like ribbon and am learning many ways to use it from our design team. The bottom card is our kit and kaboodle (the name just came to me way back when I got the design) layered over sports paper. Thanks Jeanette for the inspiring cards! (Jeanette is slowly twisting my arm to start doing inchies--check out her blog for some neat ideas that are only an inch by an inch, including one of our cat stamps!)

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