Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Prayers needed for my Mom and a friend's puppy

Prayers are needed for my 88 yo mom who fell out of her wheelchair at the nursing home last nite and has a doozie of a bruise/bump on her head. She must have leaned forward and landed on her head. she went to the er and ct scan of her head revealed no fractures, no bleeding and her anyurism is stable (its been there for years). Xrays showed nothing broken and she was back in her room about 3 hours after the fall. today she is more alert, still leaning forward so I insisted on a tray table of some sort to be put on, which we think will keep her in the chair. She has alzheimers and dementia and is slowly going down hill anyway. Your prayers would be so greatly appreciated!


Another friend who needs prayers is puppy Roscoe pictured here. He was rescued by Deana, a gal on the Cricut Message board that I frequent and she says this: 
"Roscoe is a four month old rescued redbone coonhound that we recently adopted. He had a very rough start in life! We were told Roscoe was attacked by his father after he had already killed four of the other puppies. Roscoe has scars on his hind leg, neck and ear from the attack as well as an umbilical hernia. Roscoe has cherry eye in both eyes that has been treated with steriodal antibiotics, but it didn't help at all. Roscoe is also recovering from a very bad yeast infection in his ears. we've searched and found a vet that will do all Roscoe's surgeries at once for under a thousand dollars and need a bit of help to come up with the rest of the funds! Roscoe is a very fun, loving puppy that just needs a hand up to be the handsome boy we know he can be!"
 Deana, her baby and Roscoe where in a bad car accident last week, all are ok, her car was totaled.  If anyone can donate or send prayers, that would be greatly appreciated. Here is the link to donate to Roscoe. Here is a pic of the dear little guy.

CowTown Stamps is donating a surprise goodie bag and 5 mounted animal stamps of the winners choice from our web page when the donations reach a total of $500 (from those who donate money). There was a winner drawn at $300 and another will be drawn at $400, for some more great stamp/scrap items!
Please if you can help out this little guy, his new mom Deana would be ever so grateful to you!


Jeanette said...

Hi Laurel,

My prayers for your mom and prayers for puppy Roscoe with a small donation.

I hope both are better real soon.


Laurel from CowTown Stamps said...

thanks so much Jeanette!

Anonymous said...

My prayers are with you friend as well as this adorable pup!! HUGS