Thursday, January 14, 2010



The dollar stamps clearance overstock unmounteds have been updated big time!

Laurel is already doing spring cleaning and has put lots more on the dollar stamp clearance section. These are first quality, overstocks that are taking up valuable "stalls" here at CowTown 'barn'.

Why not take a peek and see what you'd like to add to your shopping cart?

There is a super strict limit of 2 per image in this category, so while you can buy for a friend, we are sorry, you cannot buy for the whole gang :) Send them to the link to see what they'd like for their stamp collection!

You can opt to get any of our 3 cushions added to your unmounteds for only 60¢ extra per stamp. The 3 cushions are: double-sided cushion (like we use on wood mounts); static cling mounting foam (same as that ez stuff you can buy); or Halos (the ve-lcro type hook n loop stuff). We will trim and cushion them for you so they are ready to use with your clear acrylic blocks or peel off the backing and plunk em on your own wood (or buy wood from us!)

If you want any of the dollar stamps mounted on wood, then ooooh bummer, they are FULL price! Save money, get more stamps by buying them either just plain old rubber (FOR A DOLLAR EACH!!!!!!), or let us do the trimming and cushioning for you for a grandious total of $1.60 per stamp!

Did we mention the are only ONE DOLLAR PER UNMOUNTED STAMP????

The dollar per unmounted is good until the inventory of that particular image is gone. We do NOT press extras to fill your order, cuz that ain't too cost effective, ya know :)

Don't wait another second! go to this link and find your dollar stamps NOW!

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