Wednesday, June 3, 2009

More punches!!!

 Here are more punches for sale from my stash!

This is group B:

Pic #1 (top pic) 2 small tree punches from Emaginations (red); spiral sun from Carl (blue); lips and heart from Emaginations (red); double punch bday cake and balloon unknown source, pink. These 6 punches are $4.00 each plus s/h.

Pic #2: rounded corner with notches (green); heart corner (red); snowflake corner (pink); founded corner with waves (yellow) no company listed. These 4 are $5.00 each plus s/h.

Pic #3: purple rounded corner; green holly rounded corner; purple double cut corner; yellow zig zag corner; yellow rounded snowflake corner. These four are $5.00 each plus s/h.

Pic #4: all from Emaginations, scallopy pointy corner; 2 the same corner rounded; scallopy corner rounded; decorative corner (sorry i dont know the names of them, please describe as best you can so I get you the right ones). These 5 are $5.00 each plus s/h.

Email me to have them put aside for you! Thanks!

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