Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Wednesday!

Hi All! 
We have 8 people signed up for the blog candy so far, room for 12 more!

Just had an idea for a card contest: I have a small section on the web page of Alaska Mission For Christ stamps and don't have any cards of these stamps...yet. The stamps when sold, have a portion of their purchase price donated to the Alaska Mission for Christ (one of the missions that our Women in Mission group at our church was donating to last year). So far I've only got $6 to go to them but I know every bit helps the mission work being done way up there in Alaska. 

Stay tuned for details, but I will be using these 5 bear stamps in that section for a contest where you will get the unmounted stamp (or 2) and need to make 2 completely different cards with each stamp, and need to use a bible verse on the card's front. The bible verse can be printed off your computer or hand written. The only stamp you'll be able to use is the one I give you of one of the bears. No other stamps can be used, but there are tons of accessories and stamping techniques that could be used--let your imagination run wild with this contest!

Don't email yet to sign up for the contest, I still need to work out more details. I do charge to join a contest, but only ask for $1.00 in cash to be sent to join. This helps defray costs of postage to send you the stamp(s). I found that folks who paid that tiny amount were less likely to flake in a contest. You get to keep the stamp(s), you mail me the cards, and I have folks judge them online and vote for their favorites. I never vote cuz I would have such a hard time as I love all the cards sent in and in case of a tie I can use a randomizer or grab someone off the street to pick :)

We both win from a contest, you get free stamps, I get awesome cards I can share with others to inspire them, and I will make a donation to the Alaska Mission for Christ for every card received in the contest. 

Check back for sign up info and other details. 


Denise Clark said...

I think would be a fun contest!


Jeanette said...

What a nice idea. And, we get to use such nice stamps.